Your Grandchildren Help You Age With Vitality

These days, aging is not something that people should dread-it is a part of life to look forward to and it is time to embrace aging with vitality! One important part of aging with vitality is staying both mentally and physically active, and one way seniors can do this is by taking advantage of their grandchildren’s spunk and spark. Grandchildren have endless reserves of energy and they can really boost their grandparents’ engagement in and enjoyment of stimulating mental and physical activity. If you are a grandparent, here are a few ways your grandchildren can keep you physically and psychologically fit and enjoying life:

Grandchildren keep you mentally fit: Children are immensely creative and have many ways of showing you new and exciting perspectives on the world because they are not as limited by the social conventions that arrest us in adulthood. They see the world as a space of endless possibilities. Part of aging with vitality is to keep your mind open to new ideas and experiences, and your grandchildren can assist you with this is you engage in imaginative play with them. A study published in the Psychology of Aesthetics, creativity, and the Arts indicated that when adults view a situation through a child’s eyes, their conceptions and responses to the situation were more authentic, so it is very healthy to take on a child’s perspective once in a while-especially later on in life.

Grandchildren keep you physically fit: If you have ever run around a park with a toddler all day, or even around the house, you know just how physically demanding and energy extracting being with a child can be. Being with your grandchildren is a great way to exercise without having to sign up for a gym or even think about the fact that you are being so physically active-it is just natural. Aging with vitality is about keeping your body as fit as your mind, so running around town, the zoo, or even in your backyard with your grandkids will keep your blood pumping and your bones and muscles moving!

Aging with vitality is a lifestyle choice and if you make it a priority to keep you mind and body active and alert into your senior years, you and your family will reap the rewards of pleasurable and happy experiences. Aging with vitality means that you make a decision to embrace your later years and your Grandchildren are an important ingredient in this recipe for success because they keep your mind and body active in ways that adults no longer can-they have the imagination and energy to keep your mental and physical batteries fully charged.

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