Why Is It Such a Struggle to Lose Weight?

In a world where people are obsessed with being skinny, yet strangely seem to trend towards packing on the pounds, weight loss is a hot topic. Obesity levels are skyrocketing among children and adults alike, and everyone wants to find the super diet that will help them trim down to a super model figure. However, what everyone has found out is that weight loss is hard-not something you can achieve with the snap of your fingers.

Gaining weight is easy-it doesn’t take much effort to over indulge your eating or remain sedentary. But before you get judgmental and assume everyone who doesn’t look like Heidi Klum is a lazy slob, remember that genetics play a major role in body shape and size, and everyone’s genetic code is different. The main reason why losing weight is difficult is biological, so let’s take a closer look at some of the biological factors behind weight gain and loss:

Age: As you age your metabolism decreases. This means that your body is not able to process the caloric intake at the rate that it used to; how often do you hear people talk about how they can’t what they want like they used to? Aging also leads to a decrease in physical activity, so people gain weight easier and have a harder time shedding it.

Genes: Your genetic code determines your body’s size, shape and weight. If you have a larger bone structure and a naturally muscular frame, no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to achieve the same rail-thin look as a runway model. Each body is built differently, and many body types carry weight easier and lose is slower.

You genetics play a fundamental role in determining your physical body’s weight and shape, and aging slows down your body’s built-in weight control mechanism. It is a fact of nature that there is no magic method for losing weight, no lightning fast way to shed kilos. A healthy, balanced diet and exercise are the only way to maintain a healthy weight for your body. And that is the keyword: healthy. As mentioned above, your body type is the body type that you are stuck with and you can’t turn it into something it is not. Weight loss should not be about achieving some perfect physical ideal, but about keeping your body healthy. Being healthy does not mean you have to be skin and bones skinny and it does not mean that you have the figure of an Olympic athlete. Maintaining a healthy weight means that your body is functioning the way it should and that you feel good about yourself.