Weight Loss Hypnosis Information

Congratulations and welcome to the Weight Loss Hypnosis process page.

In preparation to commencing we ask you to complete the following tasks with filling in some forms and also listening to two audios as follows:-

1. Please complete this online form before the appointment.



2. Please download and read this form and bring it in with you and for your appointment. You will be able to sign it during your appointment.

Terms of Acceptance and Disclaimer


Please fill in this form and email it back to maureen@masteryourlifepower.com

Health and History Questionaire new


3. Please download and read these documents before your appointment. Keep them for later reference.

Information for Weight Loss Hypnosis

Pre Session Action Plan


4. Information Audios

Listen to these two audio recordings. The first one explains the process while the second one allows you to experience hypnosis with Stress Reduction Hypnosis. They are on the right side of the Home page. Scroll down to select each one.


Your sessions will be held at:-
Master Your Life Power
91 Kyeema Cres
Bald Hills.

I look forward to assisting you on your weight loss journey for a happier, healthier life.

Maureen Hamilton