Want to Live Happily Ever After? Stop Smoking!

Smokers claim that cigarettes have become such an essential part of their daily routinethat now it's impossible to stop smoking. Stressed or bored, in pain or for pleasure grab a cigarette and all your problems will vanish into thin air! That's something which almost all smokers commonly believe in and practically do it as well. Got laid off from work? Partner just left? Hurt? Feeling lonely? Or smoking just because there's nothing else to do? What excuse do you have? While you're smoking your worries away or letting time pass, there might be a small child around you, cheerfully playing with his toys or may be cluelessly looking at you. Has your wife ever asked you to stop smoking for the sake of your children?


What? You don't smoke at home? Fair enough!! What about parks and public buses? Even if you ensure no children are near you while you smoke, do you also make sure you wash your hands and brush your teeth before you pick up your child? Smoking is injurious to your child's health. It contaminates the indoor air and affects your child's lungs which are still in the developmental phase. Have you noticed your child rubbing their eyes repeatedly, or coughing while you smoke? This is not something to be taken too lightly. Passive smoke contains more than 4000 chemical compounds. Dear Daddy, if you don't stop smoking now you will die.

Even pregnant women are at a risk of birth complications when exposed to passive smoking. Either the baby will be delivered premature or he will have low weight. Second hand smoke slows down the growth rate in children.

Not only is your habit dangerous for your family, but it is also affecting your own health. When was the last time you visited a doctor? What did they tell? Did they stress on 'why' you must stop smoking? Nicotine present in tobacco enters your lungs and quickly travels to the brain through your bloodstream making you addicted. Not getting the required amount of nicotine can make one feel lethargic and energy drained. As years pass by, it can cause breathing problems leading to congestion and chronic asthma. Some smokers are also at a risk of developing heart diseases and lung cancer. Do you know smoking is the number one cause of preventable deaths in Australia and other countries? It damages almost every organ in the body. And that is why doctors keep advising their patients to stop smoking.

Smoking not only affects your health, but it also damages your appearance. For a child, his parents are his role models. Your wrinkled skin, stained teeth, yellow nails and bad breath can scare children away. Protect yourself and your loved ones from being vulnerable to a number of diseases and an early death. Wondering what you can do to stop smoking? Well you could cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day. Let your family and friends know. Exercise and stay healthy. Proper planning and a strong resolve to quit altogether. These can take time and sometimes a lost relationship as people become so irritable and cranky when they go cold turkey. A great initiative to stop smoking is to seek out a Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes Specialist who uses Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) This has an astounding success rate of 95.6%, is also backed up with a lifetime guarantee and only takes one session.

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