The word vocational is usually associated to a school or training relating to education designed to provide the necessary skills for a specific job or career.  There are many aspects to the area of education so to make it easier to grasp I have taken an explanation of Vocational from a list provided by Dr John DeMartini at the training of DeMartini Method  Facilitators in Sydney recently.
Inspirational: serving a higher purpose or calling;
Self-direction: choosing my own goals, doing what I love, actualizing my own career dreams;
Independence: self-reliant, self-sufficient;
Ambition: high achievement, aspiring and hardworking;
Leadership; inspiring others to greater productivity;
Growth: attracting a greater quality and quantity of clients/customers/ attendees/patients;
Quality: providing greater service to clients;
Excellence: mastering the skills of my profession, pursuing excellence, being #1;
Accountability: embracing consequences for decisions and actions;
Competence: being more capable, efficient, and effective in my business;
Professionalism: adhering to behavioural and appearance guidelines;
Responsible: obedient, dutiful, meeting obligations, dependable, reliable.

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