Whether you believe it or not we are all governed by values. Our values influence how we make decisions and effectively run our lives. Values can be instilled in us or we can choose to adopt them. Our values can change.


Managing a successful work life balance can be a challenge in this busy world we live. However using the services of a life coach is often beneficial in acheiving a balanced work like freeing up time and enrgy for the family.


At a training presented by Dr John DeMartini a list was provided that gave some insight and undertanding in money management and how to recognise important aspects within this area of our lives. Most important was the advice – SAVE 10% of your income first before paying anyone else – then watch for the “J” curve to see how your money really grows!


The word vocational is usually associated to a school or training relating to education designed to provide the necessary skills for a specific job or career. There are many aspects to the area of education so to make it easier to grasp…