Corporate Values – Innovations

A first reason why innovation doesn’t fit very well in the catalog of corporate values is that it is too much business related. What would you tell your recruitment department to focus on when hiring employees that are innovative? And is it important for employees to be innovative even if your company’s main focus is innovation?

Determine Your Values

Your values arise from and are therefore determined by your conscious or unconscious voids (what you perceive as most missing). What you perceive as most missing (void) in your life therefore becomes what you perceive as most important (value). Your underlying private voids drive your overlying public values. Your fulfillment means the filling of your perceptually empty voids.

Networking your Core Values

Every successful business person can identify their principal core values. It is a part of your purpose and the reason why you are in business. Your core values run parallel with the way you conduct business and how you live your life. Core values are extremely important in constructing the vision and goals for your agendas. In networking, you can use your core values as a “north star” for development and success. Professionals can map a focus and path to achievement.