There are a number of definitions for Social however briefly it is the living with or to live in companionship with others or in a community, rather than in isolation. People are social beings and therefore it is one of the areas of life requiring attention.  To assist with this area of life, included below is a list provided by Dr John DeMartini at a training session in Sydney in 2010.

Leadership: leading or commanding others toward or to a worthy cause;

Power: desiring prominence, authority, control, or influence over others and events;

Recognition: respect, approval by others – maintaining public image;

Order: initiating transformation – raising socioeconomic standards and stability;

Contribution: working for the welfare of humankind;

Equality: equal opportunity for all;

Belong: feeling that others care about me;

Security: protection from self or enemy;

Justice: upholding ethical and legal principles, righting perceived injustices;

Respect: honouring right to dignity, independence or privacy, polite manners, courtesy;

Friendship: shared loyalty to and empathy for friends or group;

Tradition: preservation of time-honoured customs.

More information has been provided on this so read each section for some ideas on how you might develop this. 

You may contact Maureen who is a DeMartini Method® Facilitator to assist you in this process.  Maureen also provides assistance with Busines Coaching as well as Life Coaching.

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