Quit Smoking Hypnosis Preparation

Quit Smoking Success
Successful Non Smoker breathing fresh air

Quitting smoking with Hypnosis is not just the hypnotherapist waving a magic wand over clients and turning them from smokers to non-smokers. It is a joint venture where there is participation from both parties.

Pre-Session Action Plan with Quit Smoking Hypnosis

The preparation for Quit Smoking Hypnosis is especially important as you are working on your unconscious mind. You are letting it know you are making this move to be a non-smoker. You are also thinking about what life is going to be like for you as a non-smoker. The changes you will be making in your life, your environment – physical and mental.

To be well prepared for your quit smoking hypnosis session, we do ask people to have their forms returned the week before their appointment or even earlier. This is one reason why the preparation and especially the forms are so important.

Assessments and Audios prior to Quitting Smoking Hypnosis 

The second reason is that I need to do an assessment on the person to ensure they are ready to become a non-smoker. Two audios are given to clients at the same time as the forms. The first audio explains the process. The second one allows people to experience hypnosis with a Stress Reduction and Relaxation Hypnosis. In the audio is the important message that smoking is not an addiction. It is a habit. Hence my ability to remove that habit with hypnosis.

Nicotine Issue in Relation to the Quit Smoking Hypnosis

There is just one problem with smoking and that is the emotional side. You see, nicotine suppresses the emotions. A person who normally experiences anger or is an angry person, may exhibit a strong emotion of anger in the first few days as the nicotine is released from their body. This will also apply to a person who is experiencing grief/sadness or other strong emotions.  The person may not appear to me to be holding those emotions at the time of their session. However, the forms will assist me in making that assessment. If I feel there may be a problem, that is when I ask the person to come in for a complimentary consultation. Then we can discuss this and offer a holistic approach to quitting smoking.

Trauma in Relation to Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Then there is the person who has experienced negative events or trauma in their lives. They are often using the cigarette as a crutch. Once a person has become a non-smoker and they experience stress, they may turn back to their “old friend” the cigarette, and start smoking again.

Forms and Audio

With the importance of each of the above to quit smoking, electronic forms are sent to the client as soon as they make their booking. These forms are fillable and easy to fill in. It is then only a small task to return the forms in a timely manner. Then they can listen to the audios. Many people listen to the Relaxation audio every day until their session as they find it do relaxing.

Following Directions with Hypnosis

Another major factor in any process is the ability to follow directions. If forms have not been received in a timely manner, a reminder is sent out well before their session. All these touch points are recorded in our CRM (data base) ensuring accurate recording and follow up.

An important aspect of this process to quit smoking with Hypnosis is that directions must be followed. If clients cannot follow directions prior to a session, then the ability to follow directions as a non-smoker following their session will be negligible.

Hypnotherapists are not magicians although many clients are amazed at how they can quit smoking with hypnosis in just one session. No doubt they were well prepared and definitely ready to become non-smokers.

If you are seeking help to quit smoking with hypnosis, then make contact with Maureen Hamilton at Life Coach to Quit Smoking. Maureen has been working with thousands of clients over the years and still offers a Lifetime Guarantee. So know that once you make that commitment to quit smoking with Maureen, know you are in safe hands.