Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

Well done for your effort to quit smoking cold turkey and become a non smoker. Perhaps you have decided it is just time. While it is not easy going cold turkey, the most important thing is that you have a real focus on why you want to quit and that is important.

Here are some tips to help you:-

Understand Who is in Control when you Quit Smoking Cold Turkey?

Quit Smoking Cold Turkey
Quit Smoking Cold Turkey is an even Greater Challenge

Our unconscious mind (UC) is in control. No doubt you added the habit of smoking into your UC mind when you were younger.  So it is keeping you on the cigarettes. Its job is to keep you happy and reminding you to have a cigarette is the UC mind doing its job – and it does it very well. People often say they had made up their mind they were going to stop smoking and then without any warning or any intention of having a cigarette, there they were with a cigarette in their hand. Do they put it out? Most times they don’t because they know how much the cigarette costs, so they don’t want to waste the money.

So How do you Change that Thought in your UC Mind?

When quitting smoking cold turkey, be really focused on your intention for why you want to stop smoking. In fact, it is a good idea to write down all the times you smoke and give serious thought about what you are going to do at those times. Exercise, walking, gardening, sewing, decluttering, photo books of the family are just a few ideas. However, this is your life so you are the best person to do this. Print it out and hang it up all over the place to remind yourself.

Water is VERY Important

Water is important for Smokers when Quitting Smoking
Quit Smoking Cold Turkey Requires Water

Your immune system is there to protect you physically as well as emotionally. Once you become a non-smoker and quit smoking cold turkey, your body is going to try and get rid of all the toxins and poisons in your body from the cigarettes. So it is going to be really important you increase your water intake by at least 30%. Water is going to be very important as you need to flush your kidneys to get rid of all the toxins and poisons.

Your Lungs Need Your Help To Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

Quit Smoking is Good for your Lungs
Quit Smoking Cold Turkey – Lungs need Oxygen

Deep breathing is very important. Over the years while smoking you have been doing the draw back or taking deep breaths. Now that you are reducing or becoming a non smoker, your breathing becomes more shallow. So that space between the outer and inner areas of the lungs are holding onto all the tar, nicotine and poisons of the cigarette. So it is really important to get rid of these. I encourage all my clients to use the 4-7-8 breathing. So breathe in for 4, hold for 7 and breath out for 8. Each time you do this, do it twice and as often as you can remember. My suggestion is every half hour for the first few days and then hourly until you feel as though you have coughed up all the black mucus from your lungs.

Unwanted Thoughts of a Cigarette

In the first few days or weeks you may have a thought of a cigarette. As you move through this initial stage, this is not unusual. Once you are focused on being a non-smoker, the thought will only last a few seconds. So go and do something you love as it will go away really quickly.

Care for your Immune System

Colloidal Silver is another item I discuss with clients who are quitting smoking. Rather than explain it here is a link to an article that explains its use and how to take it.

You can buy this from any of the health shops. Here is an article on my website that goes into a discussion on Colloidal Silver.

I do hope these ideas will help you. Take care and keep me posted on your progress. Check out our Facebook page where we share tips and ideas.

Is Quit Smoking Cold Turkey the Easiest Way to Quit?

Quit Smoking Cold Turkey
Quit Smoking Cold Turkey is slower than Hypnosis

Quitting smoking is a challenge at any time. The most important item as a smoker you need to have is the WANT to quit. Doing it for someone else is not going to work. Why? Because you are being pushed or coerced into doing something that is not really what you want.

So if you are ready to quit smoking, then the easiest way to quit is with hypnosis rather than quit smoking cold turkey. All it takes is just one session and you are a non smoker. It is relaxing and incredibly easy. In the current situation with the Pandemic, people are experiencing increasing amounts of stress. Therefore I encourage people to do this program to help them prepare their minds and experience hypnosis before they quit. The program is aptly called the Stress Hypnosis Program and is very user friendly.

Would you like some more information on Quit Smoking Hypnosis?

Quit Smoking with Hypnosis
Quit Smoking Cold Turkey or Hypnosis

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