Does Smoking Cause Depression?

Does Smoking Cause Depression
Man wanting to quit smoking and reduce the depression.

Smoking affects every part of our body, both physically as well as emotionally and often smoking cause depression.

What is Depression

Depression is a serious mental illness which causes a person to be or feel mundane. An intriguing fact about depression is that it is the most common form of mental disorder. In the United States of America alone over 16 million adults are diagnosed with severe depression every year. Depression has the potential to complicate other medical conditions, and it can even lead to suicide. Most of us will feel or go through depression at some point in life.

Depression can affect anyone regardless of whether the person is teen aged, mid-aged or old-aged. A lot of misconceptions surrounds depression. First of all, a majority of people aren’t aware of what depression exactly is which is why it is difficult for them to differentiate clinical depression from just feeling low or gloomy. Overeating, entirely losing appetite, oversleeping, not being able to fall asleep are just a few common symptoms of severe depression.

Everyone’s emotional system functions differently hence the question can smoking cause depression.

Some Common Symptoms of Depression

  • Feeling worthless and/or hopeless
  • continuously feeling sad
  • not feeling excited or happy by things that would make the person happy

These are usually the emotions almost everyone going through depressions feels. For example, meeting friends or going abroad for a trip, won’t make the person feel excited or happy.

Depression’s link with Smoking

In order to understand the relationship to the question, can smoking cause depression, it’s important to understand that smoking is not an addiction. In fact, it is just a habit. If you are a smoker or are close to anyone who smokes cigarettes, you have probably heard or felt like smoking helps depression and it helps relax your mind. In reality, smoking only increases tension, stress and restlessness.

So why do smokers feel like smoking cigarettes helps reduce stress or anxiety?

There is a link between depression and smoking because nicotine interacts with the chemicals present in the brain. Thus, when a smoker has the desire to smoke another cigarette, he/she might feel agitated or irritated. Lighting up another cigarette helps fix the cranky mood. Smokers misinterpret the link which is why they think smoking helps them feel relaxed. As a matter of fact, the feeling of agitation was most probably triggered because of nicotine in the first place.

Another link between smoking and depression is that nicotine suppresses human emotions. For example, if a person has been sad because of a tragic event in their life, then when they quit smoking the sadness will have a more significant impact on their lives and mood.

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Hypnosis is the Best Quit Smoking Alternative

As mentioned above, Smoking is not an addiction, it is a habit. So where are habits stored? In the unconscious mind. So in that relaxed state of hypnosis, the Hypnotherapist can talk to the unconscious mind and tell it that you want to be a non smoker. It is easy and most importantly, very relaxing. Even more importantly than both of these is that it is very successful.

Will I Stop Smoking with Depression and Anxiety?

Good question and one that needs to be addressed before contemplating quitting. Since nicotine suppresses the emotions including anger, sadness, fear, guilt and many more, then these may need to be addressed before venturing into becoming a non smoker.

Making this decision is what makes the difference between experienced and professional hypnotherapists. Maureen Hamilton (Hypnotherapist) has assisted many people with emotional problems to quit smoking. Part of this is offering a half hour Complimentary Consultation to discuss the history and medication and decide in association with the person if quitting is the best option at this time or do they need to address the trauma they have experienced.

If you would like to find out more about the process Maureen uses here is the link for Emotional Trauma

The process is explained on this video by an associate of Maureen’s. There are two videos so do watch both of them.

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Book your appointment today and make that commitment to be free from the smoking habit.  You can also call 1300 619 684 (It will be answered with Master Your Life Power, Life Coach to Quit Smoking)

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