Power of the Subconscious Mind


Hypnosis and NLP for Quit Smoking and Weight Loss

We often wonder how the unconscious mind works when it is used in Hypnosis and NLP to assist people to stop smoking, lose weight and many other treatments such as phobias and stress or depression.  So here is an example of how we can tap into the unconscious mind to solve a problem without the assistance of a therapist.

Ask the Unconscious Mind to Solve a Problem

When you are looking for information or a solution to a tricky problem or situation, then you need to tap into the unlimited resources in the unconscious mind. Before the unconscious mind is able to assist you, it needs to know what it is you are trying to resolve.  So ask the unconscious mind the questions, so it knows what it is you are seeking help with. For example, a person has a difficult staff member who is not doing their work according to what is expected of them. In the work environment, there is a process to be followed. However, this young person, who is the son of the manager, comes along to another staff member (female) and takes over the job that has been started by her. The most difficult part of the job is at the beginning, so he comes in takes over the half-finished job and then takes the credit for the whole job while the other person who has worked so hard is being ignored. Can you imagine how the lady must feel? She works very hard and is feeling vulnerable and beaten by this unfair practice.

Is there a Solution?

So what do you do in this situation? You don’t want to upset the manager, and neither does anyone else. So before you go to bed at night ask your unconscious mind the questions that will help you solve this problem. Here are some suggestions:-

How can I help this lady so she can be recognized for her efforts

How can I resolve this problem without upsetting the boss

How can I help this young man to have better work ethics that will stand him in good stead as he moves forward in life

How can I talk to the boss about this situation without upsetting him

How can I speak to the boss, so he doesn’t think I am interfering

So you have quite a few questions to ask your unconscious mind. You may do this for a number of nights however asking the right question will allow your unconscious mind to work on this situation and come up with answers for you. You may find you will get an answer in a day or it may take a couple of days. Just keep asking the questions each night before you go to sleep. When you receive the answer don’t forget to thank your unconscious mind for the answer.

Share the Answer

So if you feel you already have the answer, then that is excellent, and your unconscious mind is working with you. Perhaps you might like to share your answer.  Of course, there are answers, and each person will look at it from a different perspective. So make your comment and share your answer.