There are a number of definitions for Physical, however briefly it involves the body as distinguished from the mind or spirit. 

To assist with this area of life, included below is a list provided by Dr John DeMartini at a training session in Sydney in 2010.

Well-being: maximum wellness;

Nutrition: maximising or maintaining adequate and quality eating habits;

Moderation: integrating extremes of sensation or action;

Building strength and tone: exercising and stretching muscles;

Vitality: building endurance and stamina, keeping dynamically active;

Maintaining Beauty/handsome attraction: clean, neat, well presented or dressed and tidy;

Self-indulgent gratification of physical desires: enjoying food, sex, leisure, etc.;

Seeking daring adventures: taking risks;

Esthetics: appreciating the beauty of nature and the arts;

Ecology: protecting the environment, preserving nature;

Independence: freedom of action, spontaneous action, freedom to travel the world;

Variety: a life filled with challenge, novelty and change.

More information has been provided on this and other areas of life so read each section for some ideas on how you might develop this. 

You may contact Maureen who is a DeMartini Method® Facilitator to assist you in this process.  Maureen also provides assistance with Busines Coaching as well as Life Coaching.

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