Exciting News! Joyner Health Centre is expanding!

Have you noticed how polarizing change is? If you love change, you have mastered the valuable art of being comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Maureen Hamilton
Maureen Hamilton
Joyner Health Centre

If you detest it or avoid it whenever possible, you may have a sense that change means you somehow become less valuable than you are now, or that you need to batten down the hatches and make everything all secure.

Is that actually true? Or are these the lies we buy that get us fired up, wired and/or tired?

Winter Reflections…

Winter is often perceived as a season of fallow ground, or just letting things ‘lay’ and not doing any sort of major changing in areas of our lives. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This Winter you can give yourself the charge you need to make some exciting changes. Make the emergence of Spring exciting, because you’ve taken a big positive step and done something NOW that you’ve always wanted to do!! Whether, for example, it’s to quit smoking, lose weight, overcome debilitating anxiety or drastically improve your relationships or finances… don’t wait any longer! Let us help you in taking that step!

“Do you have or know someone who is anxious or depressed?”

I frequently hear this in the office and the practice. Anxiety is the current pandemic of our busy, overwhelmed lifestyles. Anxiety is a form of fear where we assume that we are about to experience more pain than pleasure, more losses than gains, more negatives than positives, more challenges than support. Anxiety can manifest in physical symptoms or mental anguish and can keep people in a ‘stuck’ state.

If you have anxiety, depression or any other emotional problems then I have the keys to help you to overcome your problem and live your life to the fullest. Don’t struggle any longer! I can help you! Now you can find out more about the Quantum Leap Program.

Book  1/2 Hour Complimentary Consultation

If you want to explore your challenges in a confidential, caring environment, then contact our office to book a 1/2 hour complimentary consultation with Maureen Hamilton, our Personal Empowerment Expert.

Wayne Jennings Chiropractor
Wayne Jennings
BAppSc (Chiropractic)

What do we do at Joyner Health Centre?

Until recently Wayne Jennings, our Chiropractor, has been practising at Kallangur and Joyner Health Centre.  Wayne is now concentrating his efforts at Joyner Health Centre.  We are delighted to have this increased presence as Wayne is very popular with his clients offering safe, gentle effective chiropractic care.

LilyPychova, our Massage Therapist, complements your chiropractic care providing excellent remedial massage.

Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) for Quit Smoking (including a Lifetime Guarantee); Weight Loss with the option of Virtual Gastric Banding; Anxiety, Stress, Phobia, Children’s Problems and other Emotional Issues with Maureen Hamilton.

So if you have headaches, joint or muscular aches and pains; want to stop smoking or lose weight; suffer from anxiety, depression or any other negative emotion affecting the mind; then Joyner Health Centre is the place to visit. Our friendly and caring team will give you exceptional care.

There is no waiting time, and we have ample parking. We are located in a peaceful rural environment yet close to shopping centres. Check out the website for more information on our services: Joyner Health Centre or call Nicole on 0413 068 833 who will be happy to schedule your appointment.

What Clients are Saying…

I absolutely love what I do and even more so when I receive such fabulous feedback:

Just a quick note to say thank you. I have not had even a puff of cigarette since our session on 10 May 14. Any desire or thought flits straight out again. This is certainly a much less painful way to stop smoking. I recommend you to anyone who is interested, even had someone ask about weight loss. Hope all is well for you. Regards Gail Wiltshire

I am glad I came to Maureen to lose weight with Hypnosis because I originally came to see Maureen for Quit Smoking which was 100% successful. I then came 6 months later for weight loss and all my forbidden foods have again been successfully eliminated. No cravings, no need to concentrate – I just love healthy eating. What a wonderful woman she is assisting people be the best version of you possible.
Thank you! Jacqueline Dwyer

Interesting Articles

What is Colloidal Silver?

Have you heard of it? If you have been to see me to Quit Smoking then you will. So for you this will be a reminder and for others, very useful information.

What is Colloidal Silver? Colloidal Silver is a pure all-natural substance consisting of sub-microscopic clusters of silver, held in a suspension of pure ionized water by a tiny electric charge placed on each particle.

What does Colloidal Silver do? Colloidal Silver is a powerful, natural antibiotic. It is the most usable form of the most effective disease, germ, virus and fungal killers known. It has been found to be both a remedy and prevention for colds, flu, all infections and all fermentation due to any bacteria, fungus or virus, especially staph, and strep, which are often found in disease conditions. It has been reported to rapidly subdue inflammation and promote faster healing. The body needs Colloidal Silver to fight disease causing organisms and to aid healing.

Has it been medically tested? YES! Colloidal Silver has been successfully tested at the UCLA Medical Labs where it killed every virus on which it was tested.

What does the FDA say? According to the FDA, Colloidal Silver may continue to be marketed and used as it was originally intended. Colloidal Silver exceeds FDA recognized standards (Sep. 13, 1991 letter written by Consumer Safety Officer, Harold Davies, U.S. Food and Drug Admin.) FDA has no jurisdiction regarding a pure, mineral element. While FDA is American it is a good reference for us here in Australia.

Where can you buy Colloidal Silver? Most health shops or chemists sell it. There are a number of different brands however buying the 50mgs/litre strength is the most economical. Interesting Article from New Zealand

What is Hypnosis?

Many people will have seen either on TV or at a show people being hypnotised and they often do some amazing things. The term hypnosis tends to conjure images of a magician on a stage or perhaps a patient lying on Freud’s couch. Indeed, there are a variety of stereotypes about hypnosis flying around, but do you really know what hypnosis is and how it feels? If not, it’s time for you to find out!

Hypnosis is not magic or mind control. Hypnosis is a safe mental health practice that allows you to take control of your habits and beliefs so that you use them to build a healthy lifestyle. It is an imaginative state of mind that you enter during hypnotic induction; that is, a series of questions and suggestions that are fed to you by a hypnotherapist in order to make your mind open, relaxed and receptive to change. Hypnosis does feel very nice and relaxing, almost like taking a nap.

While you are in a state of hypnosis you will feel deeply relaxed and aware and almost like taking a nap. You will be aware of your surroundings, aware of your thoughts and you will be in full control. The hypnotherapist does not control you, the hypnotherapist simply leads you to this relaxed and receptive state so that you can take control of changing the negative core beliefs and habits that you want to address and change.  See a more detailed explanation here – What is Hypnosis?

New from Joyner Health  Centre!

Over these past months I’ve been researching how I can improve the services we offer to people who come to the practice and who have supported us over the years. So I am delighted to advise all these people and others in the community that our health centre is becoming more holistic, introducing products to supplement the services we provide to maximise overall health. They are Nucerity/Skincerity and Isagenix.

Do you have a Skin Problem?

With the ravages on our skin and bodies today, more and more people are experiencing skin problems. The skin is the largest organ of the human body and it has two primary functions: it protects your body from the environment and it retains essential body fluids such as blood and water. Your skin is the barrier between your body and the world.


We may apply lotions however it is only temporary as it is soon rubbed off. Skincerity, a product of Nucerity, overcomes this problem. Skincerity is a nightly roll-on revolutionary cosmetic masque that works like a second layer of skin or mask retaining the moisture and allowing it to maximize its moisturising effect and to maintain the natural balance of the skin repair function when it is needed most, at night. It traps your body’s own natural moisture and turns dry, damaged skin into a smoother, healthier, more radiant complexion. Ingredients include grape seed oil and Vitamin E, both great healers for the skin.

Skincerity is not only used to improve our skin it is also used for many skin problems such as Acne, eczema, psoriasis, stretch marks, scars, wound healing are just some of the ways Skincerity can help. See Maureen’s page
You can also call Maureen on 0412 552 172.

New Weight Loss Revolution!

These products guide you toward your health goals, from weight loss and healthy eating, to improved fitness and healthy ageing.

Justin Hamilton
Justin Hamilton

Isagenix is a range of Nutritional Cleansing products designed to cleanse metabolic waste and toxins from every cell in our body; then replenish the cells with optimally balanced whole food nutrition. Usually our body has encased this waste with fat and stored it in adipose tissue to protect surrounding cells. The cleanse and replenish system causes the cells to release fat, fluid, toxins and waste by-products to become more alkaline with a faster cellular metabolism. The reduced accumulation of waste allows the tissue to stay in a more alkaline state, where disease and inflammation cannot exist.

A further benefit of Isagenix, is that the collective tissue cells and muscles are able to constantly work, repair & grow, harder and faster than previously, and our energy levels and adaption to stress becomes enhanced. This cleansing and replenishing process benefits everything formed by cells, which is your entire body! Your nervous system for stress, your muscles, your brain, your bones, your gut and your immune system…everything!

Isagenix is sourced from Whole Food Nutrition, Chinese & Ayurvedic Herbs, and formulated by one of the most Knowledgeable Nutritionist and Herbalist on the planet, John Anderson.

If you would like to have a chat about Isagenix to see if this would benefit you, give me a call on 0412 552 172. Or you can call Justin Hamilton who has been using Isagenix products and is more familiar with them, having lost 13Kgs in his first month. So we have asked Justin to be our mentor with the products. Justin struggled for years with his weight and has been delighted to find he is healthier now with Isagenix and is happily losing weight. You can check out Justin’s website or call Justin on 0414 212 222.