Children experience Trauma
Anxious child who has experienced trauma

A definition of mental – relating to the mind, total emotional and intellectual response of an individual to external reality.  Mental fitness is the excercise of the mind and being able to recognise the need to be constantly building skills and using tools to improve mental acuity.  This can also be acheived  through personal development education, setting goals and other forms of mental excercise.

I  recentaly attended a presentation where I have taken an explanation of Mental from a list provided by Dr John DeMartini at the training for facilitators for the Demartini Method® .

Wisdom: understanding the laws of the universe – a mature understanding of my life;

Inquisitive curiosity: interested in everything, exploring – loving to read and learn;

Intelligent thinking: reasoning and analyzing logically;

Intuition: thinking/feeling spontaneously and instinctively;

Discernment: making choices and decisions;

Associating or disassociating: attaching or detaching freely;

Prioritising and planning: self-discipline, self-restraint, resistance to temptation;

Imagination: creative and unique thinking;

Development:increasing mentual acuity;

Actualization: awakening my genius within;

Broad-minded: open to different ideas and beliefs;

Adventure: seeking stimulating experiences, having a mentally exciting life.

More information has been provided on this so read each section for some ideas on how you might develop this.

You may contact Maureen who is a DeMartini Method® Facilitator to assist you in this process.  Maureen also provides assistance with Busines Coaching as well as Life Coaching.

For more information on training and presentations provided by Dr John DeMartini go to The New Wave