Secret to Life

Love What You Do, and Do What You Love

Written by Kerry-Lee Garner Venter –

Napoleon Hill spoke of the “Law of Economics” being one that is more than a theory, a law no man can beat, and one that keeps account of every transaction a human makes trying to get without giving.

The one ‘secret’ that legends throughout the ages have known which still seems to evade us, is that without giving, we cannot get what we truly want. But what does it mean to really give?

It means tapping into the service or value that you would love to give to others, so that then the fair exchange can begin and simultaneously you will receive that which you would love. But when you are not aligned with your own authenticity and highest values, then the likelihood of being rewarded in fair exchange is much lower.

People who choose a career because they think it’s one that ‘should’, ‘ought to’, or ‘have to’ do, are less likely to be inspired to ‘give’ and thus experience constant disappointment from not ‘getting’ back what they feel they deserve. But what they don’t realise is that no matter how much time, energy, and hard they work they put in, if it’s not aligned with something that is connected to that which gives them ultimate fulfilment, they will still experience feeling out of fair exchange.

We cannot possibly expect to ‘get’ anything without giving and living what we would love to, choose to, or want to. For example, if you listen to your language and hear any modals verbs like ‘ I should’, ‘I ought to’, ‘I need to’, or ‘I have to’ it could be a sign that you aren’t living according to what is important to others, rather than yourself.

If you don’t have a big enough cause or ‘why’ for the ‘how’s’ to take care of themselves, it leaves room for worry, doubt, and concern to creep in and sabotage the success that is waiting to be claimed.

The simplest way of figuring out what your cause, value, or service is, is to tap into what it is that you would love to do if you already had all the money in the world.

We are sent signs, symptoms, and events, which we perceive to be challenging, difficult, or unpleasant, because it’s an attempt to lead us back to being authentic and what’s most important to us, not others.

For it is this principle (and others) that the Universe is trying to get us all to understand and align with and live by, so that we can continue to grow and experience love.

More information has been provided on this so read each section of 7 Areas of Life for some ideas. 

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