Junk Food and How We Can Stop Eating It

It is no secret that people love junk food. Aside from the high rates of obesity sweeping across the Western world, evidence of our worship at

Junk Food causes health problems
Junk Food Controls our Behaviours

the junk food altar is displayed in the amount of fast food chains and companies churning out sugary sweets and processed salty snacks.

Are There any Health Benefits for Junk Food

We all know that there are absolutely no health benefits associated with candy bars, French fried, and cupcakes. Yet we continue to eat them to excess. But why?

Main Factors Affecting the Way we Eat

Nutrition experts believe that a variety of factors go into our love of food that is not good for us, most notably psychological factors. We crave unhealthy foods when we are unhappy, stressed, or manically happy. Junk food as a comfort food- makes people feel good, even if only for a brief time. Time is a luxury in modern life and is a quick fix for our stress or inability to focus on eating healthy and cooking nutritious meals.

Where did our Love of Junk Food Originate?

There may also be an evolutionary reason why we crave junk food. According to Dr. Leigh Gibson, a Reader in Biopsychology at Roehampton University, cravings can be linked to prehistoric times when humans needed to acquire foods high in calories for survival. Craving high calorie, junk food meant that you could go longer between meals when food was an uncertainty. The problem today is that society has evolved too rapidly for physiological evolution to catch up. In the privileged Western world, food is in excess, but we are still wired to crave it as if it were scarce. In tandem with our psychologically stressed lives, this creates a recipe for disaster.

So how do you Avoid the Junk Food Pitfall?

There is no secret to avoiding those sweet and salty foods. Like most other things in life, eating healthy is a choice that is reinforced by a daily, conscious effort. A nutritious diet and exercise are the keys to living a healthier, happier life So it is important to maintain control over the cravings for junk foods. They are a quick mental and physical fix that contributes to long-term health problems including diabetes and heart disease. Still, don’t feel guilty if you find yourself craving a bag of crisps or a Mars bar. Love of junk food is a part of our biological make-up. If you believe it is mind over matter, then you know that you can curb your junk food cravings and stay on the healthy lifestyle path. There is nothing wrong with indulging yourself in a sweet or salty treat, but it shouldn’t become a lifestyle.

How can we Control our Cravings for Junk Food

Having to watch everything we eat and being in control is not easy. In fact it is a painful exercise. Going on a diet can help however diets will end and once that happens the weight will often return and quiet often plus a bit more. Here is a list of suggestions:-

  • Water – increase the water as hydration is important for healthy metabolism
  • Protein – is important for repair and maintenance of our tissues. It reduces our hunger so we are not craving food. It is important to have a high protein with every meal and snack especially the one between lunch and dinner. This reduces the desire to snack before or after dinner.
  • Carbs – keep the carbs to a level that is suitable to your body’s weight height and exercise level. On average carbs are usually around 100-140 gms – remember this is not a weight measurement so 100gms cooked beef equates to 27gms of carbs
  • Plan meals and snacks – planning the night before is a great way of staying on track.
  • Sleep – ensure you have enough sleep. The ideal amount is between 7-9 hours each night
  • Shopping – don’t go shopping when you are hungry. Have a snack or if necessary stop off and have a salad or apple before shopping.
  • Eat Healthy – this is the primary aim when reducing the weight

So What is the Best Solution?

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