Hypnotherapy is a safe and calming technique which has been proven to improve medical conditions such as anxiety and stress. It works directly on the unconscious mind and enables significant changes to occur on a physical and mental level.

“Enough studies have now accumulated to suggest that the inclusion of hypnotic procedures may be beneficial in the management and treatment of a wide range of conditions and problems encountered in the practice of medicine, psychiatry and psychotherapy…Hypnosis may significantly reduce general depression, anxiety, tension and stress.” The Nature of Hypnosis. Professional Affairs Board of the British Psychological Society 2001

What is Hypnosis

The term hypnosis tends to conjure images of a magician on a stage or perhaps a patient lying on Freud’s couch. Indeed, there are a variety of stereotypes about hypnosis flying around, but do you really know what hypnosis is and how it feels? If not, it’s time for you to find out!

Hypnosis is not magic or mind control. Hypnosis is a safe mental health practice that allows you to take control of your habits and beliefs so that you use them to build a healthy lifestyle. It is an imaginative state of mind that you enter during hypnotic induction; that is, a series of questions and suggestions that are fed to you by a hypnotherapist in order to make your mind open, relaxed and receptive to change.

While you are in a state of hypnosis you will feel deeply relaxed and aware. You will be aware of your surroundings, aware of your thoughts and you will be in full control. The hypnotherapist does not control you—the hypnotherapist simply leads you to this relaxed and receptive state so that you can take control of changing the negative core beliefs and habits that you want to address and change.

Is Hypnosis Safe?

Hypnotherapy is an extremely relaxed state of intense focus. This intensity of focus coupled with complete relaxation enables your mind to re-wire even the deepest negative beliefs and patterns of behavior. Consequently, hypnotherapy is a practice that people use to help them heal from or change a plethora of problems that are detracting from their overall enjoyment of life: smoking, drinking, overeating, stress, anxiety, depression to name only a few.

If you are considering hypnotherapy as a cure for whatever ails you, then you don’t need to have any fear: hypnotherapy is not dangerous and it is not possible to be harmed during the process. The worst that can happen is that it doesn’t work.

So if you have a health issue plaguing your life, smoking or weight control in particular, then don’t hesitate to take advantage the healing that hypnotherapy can offer you—it really does give you the power to change your life for the better.