How Can People Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes?

Assisting people to become non smokers is an enjoyable role which provides rewards I never thought possible.  To finally have a solution to the controlling and ever frustrating habit of smoking is so amazing.  I will always be grateful I came across this information in my ever continuing search to seek out the best health solutions for people from all walks of life – the healthy as well as the not so healthy.  I meet interesting people and see them on their life’s journey more inspired and confident now that they are non smokers. 

Sadly though, I am not always in time to help them.  Only last week a client phoned to say they wouldn’t be able to come to the session as they had been diagnosed with lung cancer and had to go for chemo.  The following week another client was unable to come as they were in hospital with acute asthma and the family had been called to her bedside. 

The most amazing thing is that cigarettes seem to have such a control over the smoker and many people say they really hate it but still cannot quit.  These are the ones I really love to help as I recognize the struggle they are having especially having been a smoker myself. Most of these people are really strong in every other way except the control smoking has over them.  I often hear non smokers make comments such as, they should just be able to stop and that they are weak.  The reality is that they are not weak – they just have a habit they find so hard to break.

One of the important factors required for the absolute success of these sessions is for people to really want to quit smoking.  I usually speak to the client prior to their session to qualify them as people need to be aware of this important piece of information.  My goal is to ensure people are successful and while this is not always possible, it is important to aim high. 

As a rule people are non smokers at the end of their session.  I have had several people return for a second session and even a third session.  Why do they need to come back?  Many people have said they just wanted to test it by having just one cigarette.  Well the reality is that “just one cigarette” is one too many.  This really does work however the minute a cigarette or even one puff is taken of a cigarette then they reawaken the habit.  Most people thankfully are really serious about wanting to quit cigarettes and don’t need to come back.  While it is best not to smoke again the door is always open for people who do “slip off the wagon” and need to come back.  That is the beauty of this service, as the goal is to be a non smoker at the end of the session and know that you have a lifetime guarantee.  Call Maureen on 0412 552 172 or check out information on the website at