Networking your Core Values

Every successful business person can identify their principal core values. It is a part of your purpose and the reason why you are in business.
Your core values run parallel with the way you conduct business and how you live your life. Core values are extremely important in constructing the vision and goals for your agendas.
In networking, you can use your core values as a "north star" for development and success. Professionals can map a focus and path to achievement.
The core values can also be a compass for providing the right direction for meaningful associations and business growth.
Listed below are ways in which individuals can implement core values into various networking activities.  

Net Worth  

Core values are not just dormant ideals or beliefs. They are active and can take form and shape in your business. Networkers are encouraged to identify and define their core values as it relates to networking.
You can establish principles which are guidelines for building relationships and conducting proper business. Individuals can also find ways to incorporate their core values into their 30 second/elevator pitch.

Core Communication

Besides developing core values and statements, professionals can relay their message to colleagues, friends and clients. A great way to improve communication and build your brand is to clearly explain these values with our business and social community.
Incorporate your core values in your marketing, advertising and emailing campaigns. Include them in your messages and even on your business cards. It makes it easier for clients, colleagues and friends to understand and refer your business.

Value Plus

People can gain the most success from joining organizations and groups which are aligned to their core values. Sharing similar interests and beliefs creates trust and loyalty. This type of business or social connection can develop into a long term and beneficial relation. The golden rule still holds true that people want to do business with people they trust, like and respect.
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More information has been provided on this so read each section for some ideas on how you might develop this. 

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