The Purpose of The Demartini Method®

The Demartini Method® was developed for the purposes of:

•Dissolving stress

•Balancing unequal emotional perceptions

•Dissolving distractions and mind chatter

•Reconciling and dissolving conflict

•Breaking through plateaus and stagnation resulting from fear and guilt

•Synthesizing any form of complementary opposite

•Dissolving decision paradoxes

•Experiencing clarity of vision

•Generating greater degrees of gratitude, love, certainty, and presence

•Enabling you to have a glimpse of the Grand Organized Design

•Appreciating perfection and order

More information has been provided on this so read each section carefully.

You may contact Maureen who is a DeMartini Method® Facilitator to assist you in this process.  Maureen also provides assistance with Busines Coaching as well as Life Coaching.

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