Corporate Values – Innovations

Innovation as a corporate value – I would not use it…

“Innovation is a driving force in our company. It enables us to create new products and technologies as well as processes.” The above statement is more of a wish as to what the company would like to achieve rather than a statement about the value as to what it would like to be.

A first reason why innovation doesn’t fit very well in the catalog of corporate values is that it is too much business related. What would you tell your recruitment department to focus on when hiring employees that are innovative? And is it important for employees to be innovative even if your company’s main focus is innovation? Another question is whether innovation fits as a business focus. Some companies more than others need continuous innovation, but that doesn’t mean each and every employee must be screened to match the innovator. It is more important to build employee engagement and seek a culture for change.

A suitable value that may replace innovation is creativity. Change is another, but as a value it is not very suitable. You can ask people to act with integrity, responsibility, focused on performance, but you cannot ask them to accept any change without knowing what and why. The dilemma with innovation is similar; it must serve a purpose.

Credibility is also at stake

When the corporate value “innovation” doesn’t reflect the propensity of the human resources in the organization.

Corporate core values are often announced and selected after a change. The management of the company has analyzed the business and found a lack of focus in the organization requiring a set of values to solve a cultural problem.

The correct remedy for these kinds of situations is to get the business focused first and then reorganize the structure of the organization. Corporate values may help in this alignment process, but they cannot solve the problem. Like a set of horses that lead a carriage without a driver; they wouldn’t know where to go to…

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