Can Quit Smoking Increase Weight?

Health is Wealth

We have all heard the saying “health is wealth” because clearly health is the most important thing. Everything including finances comes after physical and mental health. Today, we live in a world where people know that prospering in anything is easier with a healthy and disease-free life. With that being said, a bad habit doesn’t die so easily. As a result people are often asking can quit smoking increase weight?

This is especially for people who are trying to quit smoking. One has to be determined to shred that habit efficiently and effectively. Perhaps studies and researches which have proven that smoking is deadly and cancerous can be shown to smokers to convince someone to stop smoking. However, that is not enough in the majority of cases.

There is an efficient and effective technique which can be used to quit smoking, and that is called hypnosis. Hundreds of thousands of chain smokers have stopped smoking through hypnosis. If you have decided to get the better part of your life back by quitting smoking, then you can reach out to us here. We will assist you in achieving your health goals most efficiently and effectively.

Weight Gain/Loss Due to Reduced Smoking

There have been numerous studies regarding the link between body weight and smoking. “Can quit smoking increase weight?” There is no perfect answer to this question. Different studies have proven different results. However, a majority of people experience weight gain after reducing or quitting smoking. There are a few reasons for weight gain.

When one stops smoking, the body’s metabolism functions smoothly as non-polluted oxygen goes into the lungs making it free from pollution which ultimately result in weight gain. Although the amount of weight gained varies from person to person, studies show that on average, people gain somewhere between 5 to 10 pounds or 2.25 to 4.5 kilograms in the months after they have entirely stopped smoking.

Quit Smoking Increase Weight can be Avoided

Quit Smoking and Enjoy Life
A non smoker is now able to breathe fresh air for life.

In some cases, people have gained over 10 Kilograms after quitting smoking. Smoking can also result in weight loss because it increases the metabolic rate which in turn decreases the caloric absorption rate thus causing low appetite. A misconception is that smoking helps relieve stress. When in fact, studies have proven that smoking actually increases anxiety and tension. Some individuals respond to stress with increase food-intake while others may reduce food-intake. As a result, they are not only losing weight they are also susceptible to various serious diseases which could be irreversible or fatal. Moreover, after these people stop smoking, they may be more prone to weight gain, than the non-smokers.

It is unfortunate how we become captives to our desires or bad habit knowing that smoking is injurious to health but don’t have the willpower to quit smoking.

Hypnosis Best Quit Smoking Alternative

Hypnosis is a very successful option for quitting smoking. Just one session to quit smoking

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Book your appointment today and make that commitment to be free from the smoking habit.  You can also call 1300 619 684 (It will be answered with Master Your Life Power, Life Coach to Quit Smoking)

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