A-Z Challenge & Benefits

Our sphere of awareness and influence expands to the degree that we embrace ever greater levels of support and challenge, simultaneously and equally.

Initially one supporter or challenger could distract us and lead us into reaction, but as we evolve or grow in our sphere, it then becomes 10 and then 100, and then 1000, and then 10,000 and then 100,000 and then 1,000,000 and then 10,000,000 and then 100,000,000 and then a billion. But once we can understand and embrace the synchronous balance of life we can heart-fully influence the vastness and stability of our destiny.

This section is for you to reference some of the benefits that others have experienced through their perceived challenges. If you would love to add your benefits to any of the challenges or submit a unique challenge and benefit please send them to us by clicking here

Alternatively if you would like to view this amazing list then go to the DeMartini Insitute and look at the wisdom of seeing both sides.

More information has been provided on this so read each section for some ideas on how you may better understand this. 

You may contact Maureen who is a DeMartini Method® Facilitator to assist you in this process.  Maureen also provides assistance with Busines Coaching as well as Life Coaching.

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