Hypnosis Brisbane

Hypnotherapy to:- 

1. Quit Smoking - One Session includes a Lifetime Guarantee

2. Lose Weight - Three Session plus fortnightly ongoing support until goal reached.

3. Overcome anxiety, depression, PTSD and trauma - Three sessions, ongoing Support

4. Increase confidence, motivation and clarity - Three sessions, ongoing Support

Offering Life-changing Programs that are Rapid and Lasting

Note: We are still open for business

Callback Request: 

For appointments call: 1300 619 684

“There are no limitations to the mind except those that we acknowledge.” ― Napoleon Hill

Our Main Focus at Master Your Life Power is YOU !

Most people face some stressful events in their lives and they are able to cope with it. However some people really struggle and need our assistance.

So if this is you, make the decision to seek help or call 1300 619 684

Help for Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and more

We recognise it may be a challenge for you to reach out for help and that is why we offer a Complimentary Consult where we can meet face to face and have a chat about what is troubling you.

We have a warm friendly environment where you can feel safe allowing you to share the issues that are troublng you. Some of these may be:-

"I have this terrible feeling in my tummy that gets worse when I go to work." Or you may feel anxious when you go out as you know you gamble and this is controlling you. Or you may be having terrible nightmares or flashbacks so you are getting little sleep.

Help to Quit Smoking

"I have been smoking for many years and I cannot stop. I have tried many times and failed each time. There have been times when I did quit for a few months or even years but keep picking it up again and feel so bad. I know it is affecting my health but it is also costing so much and I feel guilty that my family are being deprived of other more enjoyable things."

Weight Loss Help

"I love food or alcohol and I just cannot lose weight." Alternatively you have lost weight but keep putting it back on again. You may have even cut down so you are only eating two meals a day and yet you still put on weight. The hardest time to stay committed is after you finish work, preparing dinner and especially in the evenings when the cravings are so bad.

There is a solution - Hypnotherapy

These are all common stories we hear every day. So rest assured you don't have to continue with your struggle. Hypnotherapy is such an effective tool for addressing all of these problems. The most common comment we hear from clients is, "It is so relaxing and so easy!"

So take the easy way out and call 1300 619 684 or you may be ready and would like to book - Complimentary Consultation

Master Your Life Power today and take control of your life with Hypnotherapy!

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    Donna Griffiths
    Donna Griffiths
    06:37 05 Sep 18
    Thank you Maureen for helping me on my way to quit smoking forever. Listening to your voice and the right words will... stay with me always to remind me I can do it.read more
    Jannah Baker
    Jannah Baker
    10:05 11 Sep 14
    Maureen is a wonderful person to work with, kind and genuine. She is really passionate about what she does - I would... recommend her services!read more
    Psychic Andrew Warnes
    Psychic Andrew Warnes
    02:18 29 Aug 14
    It works!!!! Or should I say, what Maureen did works. And it's easy........
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