The Richards Trauma Process™

The Richards Trauma Process™ provides a very powerful way of addressing major trauma, including PTSD, anxiety, depression, phobias and panic attacks. It resolves these issues quickly, effectively and very safely.

Using Quit Smoking Hypnosis to easily become a non smoker and using The Richards Trauma Process to address negative events and/or trauma in life has proven a huge success for so many people. Maureen Hamilton is one of many therapists who help people address these.

Kylie is one of those people and successfully quit smoking with hypnosis in October 2015 and then access The Richards Trauma Process in April 2016. Kylie shares her experience here.

Shannon shares his experience with The Richards Trauma Process.

Sarah Farrell wanted to give up smoking however realised there were issues in her life that need addressing before giving up the smoking. Here is her comment on The Richards Trauma Process.

Margaret Smith is happy with the outcome of her three sessions for The Richards Trauma Process.

Michael Duncanson shares his experience after many years of experiencing severe depression, PTSD, panic attacks and anxiety.

Nathan shares his experience with The Richards Trauma Process and the Quit Smoking Hypnosis sessions.

 The Demartini Method

Just recently a group of Nine Demartini Method® Facilitators got together to create the Brisbane Stress Busters to assist people who have suffered as a result of the disasters that hit Queensland earlier in the year, particularly in Brisbane itself. With the cooperation of The Mayor of Ipswich, Councillor Peter Persale the first workshop was presented in Ipswich on 27th August 2011. Helene Kemp and Maureen Hamilton were the two Demartini Method Facilitators who presented the workshop with Lynn Thomas assisting. People attending agreed it was time well spent and certainly worth while. Two of the attendees have given their testimonials for this event. The first one is Louise.

The Second one is Bob and both people were in agreement in that they felt they recieved really good value from attending this workshop.

 Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Ray Carns shares his Quit Smoking Hypnosis experience and how easy it was to stop smoking and in one session. He has been a non smoker before so he knows how good it is and what a relief it is to now be a non smoker – cough gone, wheezing stops and best of all knowing he is doing the best thing for the health of his body.

Jane Woodward came in to see Maureen Hamilton to quit smoking with hypnosis and NLP and happily shares her experience.

Nathan Jacobs was only to happy to share his experience with hypnosis to stop smoking.

Sabrina Gamino shares her success with the Quit Smoking Hypnosis program.

I am so glad I came too see Maureen to become a non smoker with hypnosis because it was extremely helpful, easy and well presented. Best of all I am now a non smoker after many years smoking and having tried everything else. Therese Williams

 Weight Loss Hypnosis

Shirley commenced journey six weeks ago and attended each fortnight for three sessions. Shirley was determined to take back control and regain a healthy eating lifestyle. Shirley has expressed her happiness at this new found freedom. Shirley Jackson

Linda came to see Maureen to stop smoking and made the above video. At the same time, Linda decided to do the Weight Loss Programme. Linda completed her three sessions and here is her comment: I am glad I came to Maureen to lose weight with Hypnosis because by talking to my subconscious mind, it has been like a retraining. My subconscious mind now does the job of looking after my body naturally and easily without the effort and at times losing the battle like I was without hypnosis. It will become a new way of living from now on. Linda McKee

I am please I came to Maureen to lose weight with Hypnosis because I have tried every diet under the sun. They work until my will power gives in. I loved chocolate anything. A comfort eater! But after one session with Maureen, I no longer craved chocolate like I did before. Saw it but I was able to say no! After the second session I no longer thought of sweets anymore. Hypnosis is not what you see on TV, it is just a very relaxed state. Amazing!! So now I am able to stick to a diet of healthy food. All you have to lose is weight. Diane Schultz